In video and audio form, the three founders of The Virtues Project share their insights about palliative care, preparing for death, navigating the journey of grief and loss, and living a grace-filled life.

Linda Kavelin-Popov

Videos from the Launch of Graceful Endings:

In November 2012, my new book, Graceful Endings, was launched by Salt Spring Island Hospice at our local theater. I have decided, with the help of my friend and videographer, Rob Lowrie, and a tech friend, to send out wee video blogs from that event, which focus on various topics from the book.

There are 11 short videos that will appear over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back here to see them as they are posted.

I hope you will find these glimpses helpful.

Meet others where they are (Video - 00:01:17)

You cannot rush grief (Video - 00:01:33)

The 3 tasks of the dying (Video - 00:04:41)

A goodbye prayer (Video - 00:01:33)

Sacred Curiosity (Video - 00:02:12)

What’s the magic question? (Video - 00:02:45)

How men and women grieve differently (Video - 00:03:11)

We all need help (Video - 00:01:36)

Dealing with a sudden death or the loss of a child (Video - 00:02:18)

Meet people where they are (Video - 00:01:22)

Help people to call on their virtues (Video - 00:01:51)

The View from Spirit Lodge

The View from Spirit Lodge (part 1)
The View from Spirit Lodge (part 2)

John Kavelin's last lecture, sharing his insights about the journey of dying and his views on life after death.
(Audio - 1 hr, 20 mins)

Companioning the Dying

Companioning the Dying

Linda Kavelin-Popov, Virtues Project founder and author of Graceful Endings: Navigating the Journey of Loss and Grief speaks about how to companion the dying, or anyone at any time of life.
(A video by Rob Adelson) (Video - 15 mins)

Sacred Living, Sacred Dying

Sacred Living, Sacred Dying

Living BIG! Women Embodying Our Passionate Dreams
Claudia Gold interviews Linda Kavelin-Popov in the Teleseminar "Sacred Living, Sacred Dying"
(Audio - 1 hr, 6 mins)

Linda at Victoria Hospice

Linda at Victoria Hospice

This is a keynote talk Linda gave at the Spiritual Care Conference for Hospice Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada in May 2012.
(Audio - 1 hr, 14 mins)