Sacred Moments:
Daily Meditations on the Virtues

The Virtue of Grace
March 19

Grace can be gentle like water
its power hidden by the soft flowing
yet wearing away rock imperturbably.
No one watching can tell
how its cutting force is wielded
The trick is not to block the flow,
with impediments silted by self-deprecation,
the accumulated muck
and rancid leaves of shame
to clog the way.
Grace flows only where there is an opening,
pools at obstacles,
waits with infinite patience,
never trespasses where it is not free to go.
Yet, a single sorrow healed
and Grace floods through in an instant.
     -- Grace, by Linda Kavelin-Popov

What obstacles in me block the flow of grace in my life?

The Virtue of Grace
March 20

When one is going through major change, a new job, a new life, there is a lot of fear of the unknowns. It's like kayaking on white water. You're paddling, you're upright. There's speed, beauty, and a sense of grace. And at any moment, you could turn a corner, lose your balance and turn over. Meanwhile, all you do is keep paddling and remain upright.
     -- John Kavelin

The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot sustain you.
     -- Peter Feddema

When has a sense of grace brought me over troubled waters?

-- Exerpted from: Sacred Moments --

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