A Pace of Grace:
The Virtues of a Sustainable Life

In today’s anxiety-ridden, stress-infused world, even a moment of quiet reflection has become a time-consuming luxury most of us feel we can’t afford. How did we reach this point? How did we lose our direction and sense of control? And, most importantly, how can we reclaim our lives?

Linda Kavelin-Popov asked herself these same questions after the pressures of her own workaholic lifestyle nearly destroyed her. Now she helps others achieve a pace of grace – a pace for our lives that can balance and sustain us physically and spiritually.

A Pace of Grace offers tools to help us rediscover the essential elements of a life well lived through a four-part program: Purify Your Life, Pace Yourself, Practice the Presence, and Plan a Sustainable Life. Complete with Linda’s ten rules for health, this comprehensive guide is the first step in rediscovering the joy and vibrancy inherent within each of us.

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