Graceful Endings:
Navigating the Journey of Loss and Grief

Linda Kavelin-Popov's latest book describes the faces and phases of grief both for the dying and those who love them. Graceful Endings is a guide-map to creating a graceful end of life experience -- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It explores the different ways men and women typically deal with grief, and what NOT to do and say to the grieving person. How do we get on with life after a death, or navigate the crisis of faith that often confronts one in deep mourning?

Unique to Graceful Endings is the transformative approach offered by the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project -- from the Language of Virtues to the art of Spiritual Companioning specifically applied to end of life.

Linda Kavelin-Popov is mindful of the energy grief saps from us, as we slowly find our way through it. The chapters are manageable – only a few pages long. Each one describes virtues to call on and healing steps to take through the journey of loss. Graceful Endings was written to be a helpful companion at each stage of grief and bereavement.

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