The Virtues Project Educators' Guide:
Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Character

This book is a simple manual containing the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project applied to education and child care. There is a chapter on each strategy including teacher tips and classroom games and exercises for working with children from Elementary through High School.

It contains a school-wide discipline system based on restorative justice. Schools that integrate this program into all elements of school life find that morale is improved, disciplinary incidents decline dramatically, and there is more joy and motivation for students to do their best and be their best.

The second part of the book contains 52 Virtues, each with: What, Why, and How about each virtue as well as skit scenarios, discussion questions, and other suggested activities. Educators may copy as many pages as they need for their own use with students.

These activities have even been used with adults, helping them move to a deeper understanding of personal choices and quality of life.

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